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Join a Lifegroup and experience REAL relationships and REAL discipleship that will activate your faith, knowledge and love for God.


We believe life is better surrounded by people who encourage, support, and challenge you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Lifegroups are much more than just a WEDNESDAY EVENING meeting. While we do value our times that Lifegroups gather on Wednesday evenings, each of our Lifegroup leaders values and cares for you on your journey with Jesus. Lifegroups are a way for you to grow, to learn, to connect and fellowship, and also to explore the gifts that God has placed on your life. You can expect to  be encouraged to read the Bible more, explore the Spiritual gifts that God has placed on your life, learn to hear and practice hearing God’s voice.

We have 6 Lifegroups throughout the Gold Coast and if you would like to join a group, please let us know by clicking the link below to join a group.

WHEN: Wednesday evenings | Weekly


In 2023 we will be going through a curriculum recently developed called “MILK”. This curriculum is based on Hebrews 6 whereby the writer encouragers believers to move on to maturity of their faith once understanding the elementary principles. What are these six foundations of our faith? How does our understanding of them today, differ to how they were understood in the first century? What happens if we don’t properly understand these and how is our spiritual growth affected?

MILK will be the course curriculum for all Lifegroups at Kingdom in 2023 and there will be 42 lessons in total.