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See What God Will Do Through You


Our mission is to prepare people for the Kingdom to come. As a community, we want to see disciples being made with that very goal in mind. Not just church-goers, but people who are dedicated in their knowledge of God, love for God and love for others. We want to see people dedicate their lives to following Jesus, walking in a life of repentance, Holiness and obedience to God.

This theme is focused around Matthew 6:33 which says that when we prioritise God’s Kingdom, His righteousness, and by extension, the community of believers, then all of the things that the gentiles seek (money, wealth, clothing, food), will be given to us. That is another way of saying, as we prioritise God and His Kingdom, then He will be MORE THAN ENOUGH. It’s bold. It takes commitment. It takes faith. It takes trust. But, if you come with us on this adventure, we will see what God can do through you AND witness that God is truly more than enough.

We invite you to join us with all your heart (faith), soul (gifting) and strength (resource), as we aim to see this fulfilled. In March we are believing to raise $50,000 that will fund our 4 top priorities (see below).

TARGET: $50,000



Over the last year, our kids ministry has grown 94% and we believe that, in line with the prophetic words given, that we need to build and equip the upcoming generation with the best resources, teachers, facilities and develop strategic ways to reach children and families in our local area.



As we prepare for a second service, we are aware that God is causing us to grow! We need to be ready to make more space. Last year, we raised $10,000 toward our building fund and additional $5,000 went toward it throughout the year. This year, we want to add $30,000 to our building fund so that when the right venue or option for space becomes available, that we are ABLE to take it.

getting THE message out to the world

Has your life been blessed, challenged or changed by the gospel of the Kingdom?You’re not the only one! People regularly contact our team to share testimonies of how blessed they are and how their lives have been changed through our Sunday messages. We want to see that message spread further and reach beyond our local community. Would you partner with us to see us increase our impact “to the ends of the earth”.


We desire to develop and produce life-changing and life-giving resources for our own church community and Lifegroups. We hope to further develop a suite of resources that help people discover their next steps in our church community, help people to know God, discover and activate their spiritual gifts, provide training and development of our Lifegroup leaders and create exceptional, Bible-centred course content.