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Learn how to start your journey in celebrating the appointments of God. Passover to Pentecost provides clear instructions for believers on how to celebrate the first four of God’s appointments with mankind.

Passover to pentecost

As we come close to Passover, people all around the world are turning their attention to the feasts of the Lord with this simple question, as a Gentile (Non-Jew) what do I do and how do I begin?

The Passover to Pentecost book is a comprehensive guide for those who are looking to start that journey and understand more about the feasts of the Lord. This book doesn’t pretend that you know everything, it doesn’t assume you know Hebrew and has been written so that even a child could pick up this book and understand.

From the nuts and bolts of Passover, shopping lists, how to set the Passover table, a detailed calendar of the season and all the way through to Pentecost, you are covered and have the right tools for your journey. This book also includes:


  • Instructions and explanations on the Feasts of the Lord
  • HOW-TO detailed explanations with pictures
  • Links to audio playlists
  • Recipes
  • Testimonies
  • Countdown to Pentecost

We hope you can join with us us this year as we celebrate the Passover to Pentecost Season. If you would like to access the FREE E-book, then simply fill in the details below and you will be emailed a link with the PDF.